The funky, R&B-flavored “Don’t” is a screed about a real-life fling with another singer that grew ugly when she slept with Sheeran’s close friend while he was staying in the same hotel. With lyrics like “Me and her, we make money the same way/Four cities, two planes the same day,” Sheeran knows who fans will think it’s about. “It’s 100 percent not about Taylor,” he says. “Taylor’s one of these people that if you piss her off and she writes a song about you, it’s not good news for you. I’ve never dated Taylor. I’ve dated a few singers, though.” (Tabloids have linked Sheeran to Selena Gomez and Goulding.)

Sheeran did play the song for Swift after writing it. “She was just like, ‘Whatever happens, ever, between us as friends, I never want to piss you off that much,’” he says.

Ed Sheeran tells Rolling Stone that his new song “Don’t” is not about Taylor Swift (x)